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The Pro’s at A Better Home Solution are expert service providers in residential home repair and remodel. We specialize in all aspects of home repair and we will find the best solution for your current needs. 

We have a better solution for your remodeling needs so let us provide you with a quote to build to your specifications and time line.  

Remodel Tips to make it convenient for us stay in our homes as we age

  1. Trade traditional faucets for models with blade handles or motion controls
  2. If  someone is in a wheelchair simply lower one vanity sink and eliminate the cabinet underneath, opting instead for a slim vanity shelf.
  3. Use automatic flushing devices on toilets.
  4. Install anti-scalding temp devices in showers.
  5. Lower wall switches and raise receptacles throughout the home so that that they      are easier to reach; install illuminated versions where appropriate for safely and convenience.
  6. In kitchen remodels use wall ovens with doors that open to the side rather      than fold down to the front for better access.
  7. Make the cooktop ADA accessible so that burners are easily accessible by a person in a wheelchair.
  8. Replace door knobs with levers

    9.Eliminate stairs and level changes wherever    possible; widen all hallways to at least 36 inches, eliminate long halls whenever possible, and make most, if not all doorways and room openings at least 36 inches

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As a company dedicated to providing premier customer service, it is important to us to deliver unparalleled workmanship on every assignment. With our experience and expertise, we can provide the support your project needs.

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We will work with you to meet deadlines and coordinate with other related projects. We will maintain open communication with you to keep you up to date on the status of your job. We do this to guarantee that the project is completed according to your preferences.

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 We combine our industry knowledge, the highest quality building supplies and equipment, and our dedication to deliver exceptional service to our clients. We will stay in touch, keeping you up to date on both the paperwork and renovation process.